January 16, 2024

Common Signs Your HVAC System Needs Attention

What are some of the common problems with HVAC systems? 

Although an HVAC system can last 15 to 25 years, they may require occasional maintenance. Addressing problems when you notice them can help to increase your systems life span and improve the overall performance. Learn about some of the common problems that might occur with your HVAC system. 

Uneven Heating and Cooling: Inconsistencies in the temperature levels in different rooms throughout your home could signal a problem with the system distribution. 

Poor Airflow: Weak airflow from the ventilation system could be due to issues with the fan, a clogged air filter, frozen evaporator coils, or blocked air ducts. 

Strange Noises: Banging, thumping, or rattling sounds coming from your HVAC could be a sign that something is coming loose in the system. If the sound gets louder it probably means whatever was loose is now broken. If your HVAC starts making loud noises and it was quiet before, you should contact an HVAC professional. 

Leaks or Moisture: The most common cause of leaks coming from an HVAC system have to do with issues related to the condensate pipe or pump. Leaking or moisture could also be due to a clogged air filter, a drain leak, or incorrectly installed part. 

Unpleasant Odors: A strange smell coming from your HVAC system could mean that you need to replace your air filters. If your air filters do not need replacing,  it is recommended that you check the coils, look for excess moisture, and clean the air ducts. It is important to have regular checks and maintenance to prevent unpleasant odors. 

Increased Energy Bills: An increase in energy bills could just be from setting your thermostat too high during the winter and too low during the summer time. This could also be a sign of blocked ducts that are causing a lack of airflow throughout your home. 

Visible Damage: Any damage to the exterior of your HVAC could present problems such as a disruption in air flow or efficiency. If you see any damage to your system it is important to reach out to a professional to prevent further complications. 

How can you prevent these problems with your HVAC system? 

The best way you can stop premature problems from arising with your HVAC is scheduling preventative maintenance with a professional. Regular preventative maintenance will extend the life of your system and help you to avoid expensive repairs. Our team at Budget Air Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help you to ensure your HVAC system is  running properly.